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Spring Time Security: Your Top 5 Tips

After a winter that has cloaked the UK for what seems like a lot longer than usual, spring has finally shown its colours and the sun is shining. As the seasons change, it may also be a good time to review your businesses security systems. We have put together our top 5 tips to ensure your business is secure – remember, intruders don’t just operate in the dark!


  1. Spring forward to British Summer Time (BST)

While some of us were still 3 inches deep in snow, spring officially began as the clocks were adjusted to GMT +1. While we may all have been lagging from the loss of an hour of sleep, and not get round to changing some clocks around the premises, your CCTV cameras must not be one of them. Having the correct time stamp provides a critical part of evidence when prosecuting intruders


  1. CCTV brightness and contrast settings

As the grey winter clouds are starting to lift and reveal the suns bright rays, the brightness and contrast levels may need adjusting on the recording equipment to accommodate for the extra glare. Failure to do this may result in out of focus images and missing crucial evidence of foul play.


  1. Clean all monitors and equipment of dust and dirt

Spring – the start of itchy eyes and runny noses, pollen doesn’t just affect people it sticks to anything it comes in to contact with including your CCTV camera lens. Ensure your cameras are clean and free of pollen and other dust and dirt for a clear recorded image.


  1. Prune any shrubs which may obstruct the camera lens

Shrubs and plants spring back into life when the weather warms up and foliage which wasn’t obstructing cameras during the winter may suddenly become a problem if not trimmed.


  1. Close windows at the end of the day

When there is no one in the premises ensure the windows are not left open or on the latch, same with all doors and other openings. Although your remote monitoring station will be monitoring your premises during the specified hours, theft during daylight hours often increases – when it’s more likely your site is not being monitored.



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