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Spring Time Security Quiz

As the weather heats up, the office gets hotter and the windows start to open, remember to consider your security as you attempt to cool off. Spring is underway and as we plan our holidays we hope you are able to stay cool.

We thought you’d enjoy a bit of fun, with our Spring Time Security Quiz! Find out the answers below and see whose knowledge reigns supreme around your office.

1. How Often Does a Break-In Occur?time

A) Every 30 Seconds

B) Every 40 Seconds

C) Every 50 Seconds

2.What Percentage of Break-Ins Happen When The Premise is Unoccupied?percentage

A) 11%

B) 22%

C)  33%

3. On Average, How Long Do Intruders Stay on Site?

A) 1-2 Minutesstopwatch

B) 3-5 Minutes

C) 6-8 Minutes

4. What Are The Advantages of CCTV?

A) Link Your CCTV to Your Intruder Alarmdifferent camera types

B) Use Smart Devices for Flexible Viewing

C) Install Different Cameras for Different Site Needs

D) All Of The Above

5. Shoplifting Accounts for What Percentage of All Crime in the Wholesale and Retail Sector?

A) 58%shoplifter

B) 66%

C) 63%

D) 72%

6. Which of These are Types of Intruder Detection ?

A) Glassbreak DetectorsVibration detector

B) Door/Window Contacts

C) Motion Sensors

D) All Of The Above

7. The Securitas Depot Robbery Is Often Cited As The Most Expensive Robbery In The UK, How Much Was Stolen?

A) £53.1MSecuritas

B) £48.7M

C) £41.9M

D) £54.2M

8. What Percentage Increase Are Ram-Raids Increasing By Each Year?

A) 18%ram raid

B) 27%

C) 22%

D) 25%

If you are concerned about break-ins at your business then call us now on 0845 402 3045 to discuss which security systems are best suited to your needs. Alternatively send us an email to and one of our advisers will be happy to help you.
Visit our security pages for more information on the types of security systems we can offer.


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1. B

2. C

3. B

4. D

5. C

6. D

7. A

8. C



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