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Top 6 Reasons to Install a SmokeCloak System

The SmokeCloak system is a proactive measure forcing intruders to leave your premises. SmokeCloak is currently securing thousands of properties within the UK from small retail shops, to large warehouses and even vehicles.

Here’s our reasons why you should install a SmokeCloak system today!

1. Stand-alone system – The SmokeCloak system is able to protect your premises without 

2Fast acting – Protect your area in 0.1 seconds of activation. Check how quick you could protect your business by using our calculator

3.Easy to install and maintain – There are a number of SmokeCloak products to suit all business budgets and premises sizes

4. Multiple activation points – Enhance your protection by linking to either your Intruder Alarm, CCTV and/or Panic Alarm buttons, providing you with multiple ways to activate your system

5. Protect specific high-value areas – You can protect specific areas of your business, leaving you with a piece of mind that your high-risk areas are secure

6. Police and Insurance approved

Still, need convincing check out our SmokeCloak leaflet here 

It’s not worth the risk!

You could join a growing number of businesses proactively protecting their premises with a SmokeCloak by calling our friendly team on 0845 402 3045 or email us to find out more information.

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