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Buying List for Security Trends 2018 has been released!

The Security Trends 2018 totals are in, from this year’s Total Security Summit!

Security Trends 2018 have been disclosed following the feedback from the 2018 Total Security Summit in March. The facilities management forum has announced the top buying trends for security. Above all, CCTV systems are top of the list!

So what exactly is the latest in hot technology for the UK industry’s leading security professionals?

The top trends of 2018 to be purchased, are of course, and to be expected: Cameras and Monitoring. At the end of the list, in contrast, with less demand are ‘Technical surveillance Counter measurements’ and ‘Digital Multiplexers’.

The figures from the summit of buying trends are as followed:

Cameras – 53.8%
Surveillance & Monitoring – 44.6%
CCTV Maintenance – 38.5%
Video Analytics – 30.8%
ANPR – 29.2%
IP & Infrared Cameras – 27.7%
Remote Video Monitoring –  27.7%
DVR / NVR – 23.1%
Technical surveillance Counter measurements – 13.8%
Digital Multiplexers – 6.2%

Find out how these compare to our predicted trends for security systems in 2017! Read our ‘Top Security Trends to Feature in 2017‘ here!

Therefore, if you’re interested in keeping your business protected by the latest in security buying trends, contact us now! Call 0845 402 3045 or email to keep up-to-date when it comes to protecting your property.

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