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School Fire Safety

Improve your School Fire Safety

School fire safety should be top of the list when it comes to staff, students and vulnerable people. When the fire alarm sounds, the last thing you want is a class full of chaos and panicked students. Therefore, follow our 3 top tips for a calmer class and better fire safety at your school.

With every school or educational place of learning it is crucial to have a fire risk assessment carried out on the premises. This is imperative to reducing or illuminating any risks which may put your students or staff at risk.

Fire Alarm Testing and Fire Drills

Practise makes perfect, and this definitely applies to fire alarm testing and fire drills. Therefore, the more drills you practise with your staff and students the better become in case of facing a real fire. Additionally, testing your fire alarms is crucial for making sure your alarm system is fully functioning.

Fire Escapes and Evacuation Procedure

Would your students know which exits to use if a fire alarm sounded? Are there enough signage in case of any guests or visitors to be able to evacuate the building safely and quickly? Some students will find fire alarms very stressful, so having a clear and structured evacuation procedure will help to keep individuals calm.

If you’re unsure to the requirements at your school or education premise, get in touch. Call us on 0845 402 3045 or email Click for a FREE Fire Risk Assessment quote on to improve your school fire safety!

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