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Restaurant Fire Safety

Restaurant fire safety and keeping your staff safe from fire.

According to the London fire brigade, the majority (25%) of restaurant and takeaway fires, are caused by their own kitchen appliances, followed closely by their cookers (23%). Therefore, how can you improve on your restaurant fire safety, what can you do to protect your restaurant from fire and how can Assured help?

First thing’s first, the oldest question in the book, but potentially the most important:

Do you have an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment? A Fire Risk Assessment will identify risks and improve your fire prevention procedures and protection.

Get rid of the grease!

Make sure your extraction ducts and fans are thoroughly cleaned and regularly. Ducts should be cleaned to the TR/19 standards.

Kitchen Suppression

With most of the fires caused in restaurant and takeaway fires being in the kitchens, a kitchen fire suppression system will massively reduce any damage to your restaurant if I fire does occur. Find out here, why … had a fire suppression system install by Assured.

Rubbish and Bins

Although you want to keep all food waste away from the fresh food in the kitchens and by the exit seems to be the most convenient place considering you’ll be taking it out soon, however, this is not wise. Kitchen restaurants can often be seen to collect their rubbish by the exit door and blocking the escape route. Subsequently, if a rogue cigarette ends up catching the rubbish, flames will fill the escape route, leaving your people at risk and unable to escape.

Fire Doors

We know how hot it gets in the kitchen and in a commercial kitchen it can get 10 x worse. This isn’t a reason to keep the fire doors open, they’re fire doors for a reason and will only properly function when closed.

The right extinguishers for the right type of fire

Extinguishers are labelled for the type of fire they should be used on. If you’re unaware which extinguisher to use of what type of fire, you could consequently make the fire worse. For this reason, staff fire extinguisher training should be provided to ensure the correct use of extinguishers.

Therefore, do you want to protect your restaurant, staff and customers from fire? Then, call us on 0845 402 3045 or email for fire protection advice for your restaurant. Or to book in a Fire Risk Assessment for your commercial kitchen now!

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