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Reduce Your Risk of a Ram-Raid With Our Top 5 Tips

A Ram-raid is an incident where a building is rammed by a vehicle in order to gain access. In the retail sector alone, the cost of Ram-raids equates to £8m per year. However, if your premise is glass fronted you could also be a target for Ram-raiders.

We want to help reduce your risks with our top 5 tips

1. Ensure valuable equipment is out of sight

When locking up your property, ensure that all your valuable goods are not visible. Till draws should be hidden, with all money locked away in a safe whilst ATM machines should be out of sight.  We also recommend that any ATM signs outside the property are stored away.

2. Install Anti-Ram bollards to stop intruders driving into your premises

Anti-ram bpllards maybe costly to install, however, they are significantly cheaper than the cost of a burglary. Anti-Ram bollards block off the main access points onto your property, although it is important to check with your local authority for planning restrictions. Bollards should be in accordance with the secured by design document “Commercial Developments 2015v2”.

3. Ensure your security is up to date

Security devices such as CCTV and Intruder Alarms provide valuable evidence for the police, while also acting as a deterrent to would be intruders. Ensure your property is protected with up to date equipment, for example, 4K CCTV cameras to provide clear identification of intruders.

Install specialist equipment to further protect your property

There are a number of added security features that can further protect your property. SmokeCloak systems will quickly activate as soon as a break in is detected, while Sounders and Strobes will alert the public of a break in. The potential intruder will be forced to leave to avoid being detected and caught.

5.Maintain your equipment with a certified company

>Having the right security equipment is only part of the solution, you should make sure your equipment is maintained by a certified company who complies with British Standards. Once you’ve invested in the security on site, you will want to ensure that the equipment is working and providing the appropriate benefits.

Do you still have concerns about your security? Arrange a free site survey today and discuss your options with one of our specialists by calling 0845 402 3045 or emailing Alternatively, you can download one of our buyers guides here


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