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Reduce Your Factory Fire Risks With Our Top 5 Tips

Latest figures show, there were over 2,000 fires on industrial estates with only 400 of these limited to the room of ignition. Fires can arise from a number of sources, unforeseen circumstances, human error and electrical appliances are just a number of examples of how a fire can ignite on your premises.

Due to the high risk of a fire within factories and industrial estates, we wanted to give you our Top 5 Tips To Protect your Factory 

1. Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that it is a legal requirement in the UK for a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) to be carried out on sites which have more than 5 people on the premises and should be reviewed every 12 months or whenever there is a significant change in the premises layout.

Your FRA will cover; Staff/People at risk, Firefighting facilities and Fire routine and test procedures amongst others.

2. Fire Safety Training

There’s little point in having all the correct firefighting equipment installed if your staff are unsure of how to use it correctly in an emergency. Not having the correct training can actually endanger lives and cause a containable fire to quickly become out of control.

There are different training that can be undertaken ranging from Fire Extinguishers to Fire Warden training and a Basic Fire Safety Awareness Course.

3. Machinery

Machinery within factories can often be a cause of fires. Faulty appliances and leads led to over 2,000 accidental fires, while the misuse of equipment or appliances led to over 1,000 fires.

Machinery should have a planned maintenance schedule with frequent checks of the wires and plugs. Some machines require daily checks, lubricate and clean frequently in order to maintain a safe working order.

4. Store Rooms

Storerooms can quickly become cluttered causing a fire hazard. Making a containable fire become a much more dangerous situation.

Attention should be paid to storage of flammable liquids, shelves and obstruction of exit doors. Fire and smoke detectors should be installed in these rooms and fire doors should be fitted so if a fire was to break out it would be contained.

5.  Kitchens

If your premises has a kitchen on site, the equipment will affect your fire risk. Full dining facilities and kitchens are high risk but this can be reduced by having fully trained staff in attendance at all times and the correct fire suppression system installed in order to contain a fire should one start.

Depending on the size of the kitchen, an Ansul system should be installed to prevent the fire from becoming out of control.


Are you still concerned about the fire safety within your factory? Arrange a Fire Risk Assessment or a Free site Audit by contacting us today on 0845 402 3045 or emailing 


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