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Your Quick Guide to Reduce False Fire Alarm Activations

It is estimated that 80% of false alarms come from 10% of systems with False call outs costing the UK
£1 Billion a year!
In London alone, the Fire Brigade is called to a false call out every 12 minutes.

Most fire alarm and detection systems don’t cause false alarms, but mismanagement of them does! We want to help you reduce your false activations.

Common Causes of False Alarms and How You Can Prevent Them!

Smoking Materials—To ensure people smoking on site doesn’t cause your alarm to activate, make sure you have a dedicated smoking area. This should be away from your building with the correct equipment to dispose of cigarettes.

Accidental / Malicious Damage to a “Break Glass” Point— Ensure you Callpoints are located in the right places and cant be easily knocked or damaged. Complete a visual check each week to ensure they have not been tampered with or accidently damaged.

Wrong Detection in the Wrong Areas— Installing detection in the wrong areas is a common cause of false alarms. Alarms can be activated by aerosols, dust, steam and cooking fumes and this should be considered when deciding which detection to use in which areas.

Inadequate Maintenance and Testing— A route inspection will ensure your system is compliant and working as it should be. Ensure you have your system maintained by a third party certified maintenance company to reduce false activations.

Ageing Systems and Components—Ageing equipment can be a cause of false alarms, due to the components starting to fail. The older your system is, the more unreliable it becomes. To prevent false alarms, replace your detection inline with the manufacturers recommendations.

Do you still have concerns regarding your Fire Alarms? Contact us today to arrange a FREE site survey by calling 0845 402 3045 or email Alternatively download our Free Essential Fire Safety here


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