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Quality Fire Suppression from Ansul

Many fires in hotels, B&Bs, guest houses and hostels start in the kitchen.

Heat sources such as deep fat fryers, grills, ovens, toasters and pans can be protected from spreading fire through the use of fire suppression systems, also known as kitchen suppression.

Churches Fire is proud to be an Authorised Distributor of Ansul products, the industry leaders since 1939. Ansul fire suppression systems provide fully reliable technology to quickly detect and extinguish a fire, reducing the risk to life and property.

When a fire is identified, either manually via a break glass call point or automatically through heat/smoke detectors, a sign is sent to the suppression control panel and an existing agent is released. This will cut off the supply of oxygen to the fire, meaning the risk of it spreading are lowered and evacuation can safely take place.

Churches Fire has extensive knowledge of Ansul systems, and are fully aware of the risks faced in working kitchens. Our technicians regularly undergo product training sessions to ensure their servicing of Ansul systems meet the strict operating requirements.

For more on fire suppression, call Churches Fire on 0370 608 4350.

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