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Office Fire Safety – Our Top 5 Pointers

Office Fire Safety 101. Keeping your office space safe from fire.

Your quick office fire safety clues to keeping your staff and premises safe from fires made easy!

Office Fire Safety Top 5 Pointers:

  1. First thing’s first. Ensure you have an up-to-date fire risk assessment.

    It’s the law and it will highlight the absolute imperatives for keeping your office and your staff, safe from fire. If your business has five or more people, it is essential that you keep a written record of this fire risk assessment. Need a fire risk assessment? Get a free quote here!

  2. Don’t be tricked by your electricals.

    In the office environment, plenty of computers, printers, telephones, photocopiers and other electrical equipment is usually a given. Therefore, minimise your risk of an electrical fault occurring and subsequently causing a fire, by making sure you get your office electrical items checked regularly. Remove, replace or repair any faulty items immediately and DO NOT overload your adaptor sockets, extension cables or multi-way plugs!

  3. Work is a place of learning, so get your employees fire safety trained.

    Recent government statistics have shown that over 75% of primary fires are accidental and are as a result of such things as misuse of equipment and mismanagement of flammable materials. Therefore, educate your employees with some fire training today to help reduce this statistic and save your workplace from fire!

  4. Stub it out in the name of fire safety!

    Cigarette breaks should be designated to safe areas, outside and away from the office building. With summer on its way, this (hopefully) means dryer and warmer days, therefore making bins contents and piles of leaves more flammable. Make sure your staff are aware of these additional precautions when disposing of cigarette butts. Additionally, ensure that there are suitable stubbing posts or ashtrays to dispose of cigarette stubs to avoid accidental fires.

  5. Faulty fire systems, would you even know?

    Testing your fire detection systems as well as testing your staff. It’s all good having a fire detection system installed, but an alarm system is useless unless it actually works and your fire evacuation procedure runs correctly! Office fire alarms and procedures should be evaluated at least once a month. This is to test the system itself while making sure your staff can hear the alarms going off in the first instant and also to know, exactly what to do in the event of a fire. Therefore, think you need maintenance for your fire systems? Find out more here.

Protect your people and office space from fires. Call our friendly team on 0845 402 3045 or email for more information on Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Alarm Installations, Fire Safety Training or any Fire Protection Service and Maintenance!

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