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Office Fire Prevention for the Winter

Office fire prevention, come November time should be a top priority for all businesses. With the weather on the change, scraping ice off the windscreens of our vehicles before setting off to work, we want the office to be a warm place of solace after the cold drive. With the warmth of the office also brings a few things to consider for office fire prevention:

Portable heaters

  • Don’t be drying your soggy mittens on them after scraping the car! This is a major fire hazard at this time of year.
  • Electrical or fan? Oil heaters are usually safer, but all should be considered as fire hazards.
  • Do not keep them under desks, no matter how frost-bitten your toes may be!
  • Set reminders for switching them off overnight – even the heaters can get overheated.

Overloading plug sockets

  • On top of the usual chaos of phone wires, computer plugs and printing equipment, don’t be overloading them with the extras of said portable heaters.
  • Extension leads, wall plugs and adaptors all have a maximum amount of amps and plug-ins they can take. So make sure your office staff are aware of this and do not exceed the maximum.
  • Beware of burn marks, stains or melting around plug sockets inlets, overheating may occur if you’ve overloaded the sockets.


  • Although nobody wants to be out in the cold, smoking indoors is a fire hazard.
  • Stubbing it out. Have you supplied your office staff with the means to put out their cigarettes adequately?
  • Make sure you have a designated smoking area to avoid blurred lines on where people can go to smoke.


  • Old heaters? These may have collected dust after being in storage, have they been checked for PAT testing?
  • Are you disposing of your hazardous waste correctly? According to GOV.UK you must: “Separate and store hazardous waste safely” – Because your electricals could be one of them!

Bin Blockages

  • Too cold and wet to empty the bins into the outdoor refuse bins? Just temporarily leave them by the door until the rain subsides? Not a good plan.
  • If there’s a fire and the emergency exit is blocked by bin bags, probably containing flammable material such as used paper, cardboard boxes and yesterday’s newspaper, your people might get trapped in.
  • Rubbish and waste material should, therefore, be disposed of and not stored in walkways or escape routes.

Office Fire Prevention with an FRA

  • To make sure your office is secure, you need to know what hazards are apparent to a professional by means of a Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Your office of 5 people or more needs one. It’s the law and it will highlight the absolute imperatives for keeping your office and your staff, safe from fire. Therefore, get your free quote now!

In an essence, beware the portable heater, follow our Office Fire Prevention for Winter blog and call Assured to book in an FRA to check your office fire safety! So, call us on 0845 402 3045 or email now!

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