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Myth-Busting Access Control Systems

Access control systems are one of the hottest topics within the security industry and for that reason, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. We wanted to ensure you understood the facts from the myths with the truth to the top 5 Access Control myths.


Here’s The Truth To The Top 5 Access Control Myths


1- Wireless Access Control Systems Are Not Compatible With Traditional Wired Access Control Systems

This isn’t true, with the right components, a wireless access control system can be integrated with your existing system.  Integrating wired and wireless access control is quite easy. 


2 – Wireless Panels Need To Have Their Batteries Replaced Often

While many wireless access control panels run off battery power, they also don’t run all the time; many are in a “sleep” mode until awoken. This means they spend the majority of their time powered down and only occasionally need their batteries replaced.


3 – IP Access Control Is More Susceptible To Failure 

In todays business world, the network gets more attention and care than it used to simply because the network is carrying the information that keeps the company in business. As long as IP access still has power, the only impact of network communications failure is that the events will not be transmitted to the host application when the event occurs the door still works and employees can still enter, with all the events being buffered.


4 – IP Access Control Is More Vulnerable To Security Breaches 

IP access control is no different than any other device on the network. With IP access control, you have the option of separating the reader from the controller without losing any functionality, and gaining the ability to keep the network connection within the protected space.


5 – Wireless Access Control Systems Are More Costly

A wireless system will save you time, money and resources due to having a quicker installation. Costs relating to installing hardware and wires are eliminated by not having to drill through walls and spread wires around the building.


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