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Keep Your Retail Store Secure This Christmas

Christmas is often the busiest time of the year for retail stores, with everyone in full festive mode. Presents are being bought, food being purchased and extra stock being ordered to satisfy demand.

Retail stores are likely to be targeted during the festive period due to the extra stock, cash and other valuables on site.

Assured want to help keep your store secure with our top tips

Keep your valuables out of sight

If your store is going to be left unattended at any point of if a staff member is going to be left alone it is important to make the shop unattractive to an intruder. Regularly drop money into the safe and make sure this is emptied every night. When locking up, leave the tills open with no money in them and make sure no valuable equipment can be seen from any windows.

Ensure your storeroom is locked

Storerooms often hold a lot of valuable stock, especially during Christmas when extra is ordered in. Criminals are aware of this and will take advantage if you give them the chance. When considering which security systems to use, consider installing a SmokeCloak as well as the traditional CCTV and Intruder Alarm.

Keep your outside area lit up

Intruders will use the dark to their advantage if you light up your car park and outside areas they are unable to hide. By using external lighting, members of the public are more likely to be able to see a break-in and therefore report it to the police or provide valuable witness statements.

Maintain your systems

You may have all the correct security systems, but have you checked they are fully functional? Have your systems maintained by a specialist company to ensure they are in working order. The worse time to find out your systems are not working is after a break-in.

employ extra staff

Employing extra staff not only helps with serving customers and keeping up with the added demand of the festive period. It can also be a deterrent to thieves. More staff means more eyes on the stock and customers. This will mean people are less likely to be able to get away with sneakily walking out without paying for their goods.

Make sure your property is protected. Call one of our specialists today on 0845 402 3045 or email for your bespoke quotation. Alternatively, download our free Retail Crime Prevention Self-Assessment Checklist here.

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