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Keep Your Retail Premises Secure

Did you know, latest figures within the retail sector show a growth in all major types of theft and damage. This has seen a 40% increase in incidents, which are largely driven by “customer theft” that accounted to 98% of all types of incidents by numbers.


We want to help reduce crime across the retail industry, follow our 5 points below


1.Is Your Routine Predictable?

It is not uncommon for retail shops to follow a set routine when they open and close the store. This can range from the staff members working, the order they do activities and the times they are at the store. If a criminal notices this routine, it can allow them to pre-plan a break-in. Switch up your routine to avoid any criminals noticing how you operate.


2. Have You Considered Multiple Systems?

CCTV, Intruder Alarms and Access Control systems all offer different benefits to protecting your premises. They should be considered as part of an overall security solution, rather than being installed individually. Together they can help identify intruders, while alerting the police and local people to any incidents.


3. Are Your Valuables Out Of Sight?

If the shop is going to be left unattended at any point or if a staff member is left alone it is important to make the shop unattractive to an intruder. When locking up, leave the tills open with no money in them and make sure no valuable equipment can be seen.


4. What’s In Your Store Room?

Store rooms can often hold a lot of valuable stock, something that criminals are aware off. When considering what security systems you need, you should pay attention to the store room and make sure it is suitably secured. Consider installing a SmokeCloak system to proactively protect your left over stock.


5. Do You Maintain Your Systems?

You may have all the correct security systems, but have you checked they are fully functional? Have your systems maintained by a specialist company to ensure they are in working order. The worse time to find out your systems are not working is after a break in has occurred.


Make sure your property is protected, call one of our specialists today on 0845 402 3045 or email for your bespoke quotation.

Alternatively, download our FREE Retail Crime Prevention Self-Assessment Checklist here.



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