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Keep Your School Safe This Summer

The National Fire Chiefs Council have stated that the government should make it mandatory for all new build and refurbished schools to have sprinklers installed.

England is currently lagging behind Scotland and Wales for including sprinklers in building designs, with only one in five new build schools having sprinklers installed.

Latest figures show UK fires disrupt the education of 90,000 people annually and has cost an estimated £67.2 Million over a 4 year period. 


Here Are Our Top 5 Advantages To Installing Sprinkler Systems In Schools

1. Reduce The Potential Damage To Your Property

A single fire source will not activate all of your sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads are filled with a chemical liquid which expands with heat. At a set temperature, the liquid will be released, allowing the water to fall directly onto the fire before the fire can spread.


2. Low Maintenance Systems

Once installed, sprinkler systems are relatively low maintenance. They can often last up to 20 years at a time without any major upgrades or repairs needed. Only requiring an annual service to determine functionality.


3. Inexpensive To Install

It is often thought that sprinkler systems are expensive to install but this is not true. Due to the amount of money you could potentially save from a fire as well only requiring an annual service, sprinkler systems are often a cheaper option.


4. Allows For Design Flexibility

Sprinkler systems offer architects a lot of freedom, while still meeting the safety requirements for schools. There are a number of advantages to these systems such as offering the ability to adapt layouts to meet the schools exacts needs and enhancing the provision for people with disabilities.


5. Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Some insurance companies will actually offer a discounted premium for the more advanced systems. This is due to the added safety on site and the lower risks of damage to the building from a fire.


Keep your students and staff safe, a fire will not only cause expensive damage but it will put your people in danger. Call 0845 402 3045 or email to discuss your sites fire protection today.


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