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Is Your Fire Safety Knowledge up to the Test?

Take our Fun Fire Quiz to find out how you score!

1. What’s the largest fine reported to date for a fire safety breach?
a) £50,000
b) £200,000
c) £400,000

2. How often should your Responsible Person test your commercial fire alarm?
a) Weekly
b) Monthly
c) Annually

3. What does this fire safety sign mean?

4. How many fire stations are there in the UK?
a) Approx. 1500
b) Approx. 2000
c) Approx. 2500

5. When was the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 introduced?
a) October 2006
b) September 2005
c) January 2007

6. How many fires were there in 2013/14 in non-residential buildings?
b) 22,200
c) 29,400

7. What is the most common source of ignition of dwelling fires in the UK?
a) Smokers materials (cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco)
b) Cooking appliances
c) Other electrical appliances

8. In 2014, where did the fire start in the Glasgow School of Art?
a) Studio
b) Kitchen
c) Basement

9. How much do false alarms cost the UK every year?
a) Over £250million
b) Over £500million
c) Over £1billion

10. In what year did Windsor Castle suffer from a devastating fire?
a) 1990
b) 1992
c) 1994

Scroll down for the answers



1 = c       New Look received the maximum possible fine following a fire that gutted the retailer’s Oxford Street store in 2007. 35 engines and 150 fire-fighters were needed to tackle the blaze and crews remained at the scene for the three days.

2 = a       A weekly check should take place and be recorded in a log book. For more details on how to conduct your weekly test, check out our handy video guide.

3 = a       In case of fire break glass.

4 = b      There are approximately 1600 fire stations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with a further 400 in Scotland.

5 = a       The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 should have come into force on the 1st April 2006 but was delayed until the 1st October 2006.

6 = b      This figure has more than halved since 2003/4

7 = b      52% of fires are caused by cooking appliances.

8 = c       The A-listed Charles Rennie Mackintosh building went up in flames due to a fire caused by a projector in the basement. The estimated cost of repair is between £20million and £35million.

9 = c       It is estimated that false alarms cost the UK more than £1billion every year.

10 =b     1992 was the year of the fire at Windsor Castle. Restoration took 5 years and cost £37,000,000. The Queen consequently dubbed 1992 as her ‘Annus Horribilis’.

So how did you score? 

0-3          You’re cold as ice!
4-7          You’re getting warmer
8-10       You’re on fire! 

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