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The Importance of Fire Safety Training

Whatever the business sector, fire safety awareness is vital for all employees.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, employers have a responsibility to make sure that all staff are delivered suitable fire safety training. Ideally this training should be given when the staff members are first employed, however there are occasions when training must be refreshed when:

  • Colleagues are transferred to another working location
  • Given a change of responsibilities
  • New work equipment is introduced
  • New systems of work is introduced

What is Fire Safety Training?

fire-1Fire safety training provides attendees with the required actions and precautions to take place in the event of a fire.

Training explains fire risks, how to remain vigilant against the threat of fire, how to use portable firefighting equipment (if relevant) and how to ensure the location is exited in a quick and safe manner.

This essential staff training should take place when staff members join the business, preferably within their first few days of joining. The training ought to be refreshed when staff responsibilities or primary work location is changed.

By keeping staff members updated on their responsibilities in an emergency situation, you are helping to safeguard the building, surrounding areas, people and assets on site from fire.

All courses are given by experienced and qualified trainers, and include information on:

  • Legislation and fire safety law
  • How fire begins, and spreads
  • Fire safety measures
  • Fire prevention

Much like any training given to staff, it’s important to provide recurrent updates to ensure training is not forgotten.

For more on fire safety training, call Churches Fire on 0370 608 4350.

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