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Why Should I Switch to an HD CCTV System?

Many cameras on the market claim to be high definition (HD), but what is high definition and why should I choose this CCTV system over the conventional CCTV system?

We believe the minimum requirement for HD is 1080P (1920 x 1080 pixels) which is 2.1 megapixels, which is considerably better than the standard D1 resolution which is only 720 x 576 pixels, or 0.4 megapixels. HD security equipment became available as soon as SMPTE established the HDTV 720p25/30/50/60 1080p25/30 format group specification.

We have put together 5 reasons why we believe HD CCTV cameras are worth the investment:

Higher resolution

So what does the extra resolution mean? Due to an increased pixel density, if you zoom in to a recording from an HD camera the picture quality will be a lot clearer than zooming in on a standard D1 camera.

For example, with a standard D1 system you can film about 3 metres wide and be able to identify someone. With 1080p system, this increases to 8 metres and the picture quality is greatly improved, this makes identification of intruders or suspicious activity easier. This is due to HD 1080 cameras recording in 16:9 aspect widescreen and standard D1 resolution in 4:3 ratio.

Just as reliable as conventional CCTV equipment

Fundamentally HD CCTV equipment is made with the same shell as the conventional system, the difference is that the individual components capture and process HDTV formats rather than PAL or NTSC formats.

An Ethernet transmission still requires the inclusion of certain software in the camera, no matter the system. HD CCTV equipment, over the same proven reliable cabling infrastructure as conventional CCTV, confers exactly the same reliability advantages as conventional CCTV equipment. People usually have the misconception that a more complex system = less reliability as they’re more bug prone. However, they camera system is as reliable as your local-site LAN, regardless of the type of CCTV system.

As easy to install as conventional CCTV equipment

As the system works in the same way as conventional CCTV systems, the installation is just as simple.

This is made easier as a lot of installation companies will have experts in installing these types of cameras.

Similar lifetime cost as conventional CCTV systems

Fundamentally HD CCTV equipment is made with the same shell as the conventional system, the cost associated with installation, commissioning, and maintenance are exactly the same as for conventional CCTV.

Quick change over from a conventional system to HD

In a majority of business premises these days the high quality IP networks are designed into the buildings making it easier to install IP cameras.

This means installing HD cameras won’t have an effect on other IT functions within the secured premises.

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