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How Good is Your Security Knowledge?

Following on from our successful Fire Safety Quiz last month, we decided to test you all on your security knowledge!

Is your Security knowledge up to the test? Take our Fun Security Quiz below to find out how you score!

1. How many CCTV cameras are there in the UK?
a) 82 million
b) 14 million
c) 27 million

2. How many safety deposit boxes were opened during the recent Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Company burglary?
a) 62
b) 72
c) 82

3. Businesses installing CCTV on their commercial premises must follow which Act?
a) Security Protection Act
b) Data Protection Act
c) CCTV in Business Act

4. How many recorded metal theft offences were there in England and Wales in 2012/3?
a) 25,564
b) 61,349
c) 98,342

5. Which police force area recorded the highest number of metal theft offences per 10,000 population?
a) South Yorkshire
b) Merseyside
c) City of London

6. Which high profile CBE holder is due to speak at IFSEC International 2015 in June?
a) Karren Brady
b) James Caan
c) Peter Jones


7. Specialist security certification body, SSAIB, stands for what?
a) Security Services Accreditation Inspection Board
b) Specialist Security Access & Intruder Board
c) Security Systems & Alarms Inspectorate Board

8. From the 2014 Commercial Victimisation Survey, what is the total number of crimes experienced by businesses in the wholesale and retail sector?
a) 2.1 million
b) 4.1 million
c) 6.1 million

9. According to the S9 Theft Act 1998, what is the maximum sentence for burglary of a non-dwelling property?
a) 1 year
b) 5 years
c) 10 years

10. The most secure and protected place on the planet is what?
a) United States Bullion Depository
b) Svalbard seed vault
c) Bank of England Gold vault

Scroll down for the answers















1 = a       There are actually only 1.85 million CCTV cameras in the UK, as opposed to the 4.2 million frequently claimed. The new figure is according to research carried out by the deputy chief constable of Cheshire, Graeme Gerrard.  DCC Gerrard is also the principal on CCTV issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

2 = b      72 boxes were opened with theft of contents estimated at up to £200million.


3 = b      The Data Protection Act. More information can be found from the Information Commissioners’ Office. The other two Acts are completely fictitious!


4 = b      61,349 metal theft offences were recorded by police for the period April 2012 to March 2013 which corresponds to 2% of all police recorded crime in England and Wales for this period.


5 = a       South Yorkshire has the highest recorded number of metal thefts with 29 per 10,000 population. City of London has 18 and Merseyside has just 8 per 10,000 population.



6 = a       Baroness Karren Brady CBE. For more information, visit IFSEC’s website.


7 = c       Security Systems & Alarms Inspectorate Board. The SSAIB checks its’ member’s performance and work standards on a regular basis, ensuring security alarm systems are installed to British and European standards.


8 = b      Wholesale and retail premises experienced 4.1 million crimes in the year prior to interview. Of these, over three quarters of incidents were thefts and, specifically, over half (51%) of the 4.1 million incidents were theft by customers (i.e. shoplifting, 2.1 million incidents). A further one million incidents (24%) were due to theft by unknown persons.


9 = c       10 years for burglary of a non-dwelling property. For a dwelling property, the maximum sentence is 14 years.


10 =a     Located in Fort Knox, Kentucky, the United States Bullion Depository is considered the most secure vault in the world. It contains the gold reserves for the United States which is estimated to be just over five thousand tons worth! The Fort Knox vault is protected by four different fences, various armed guards, video cameras, four foot thick walls with reinforced steel rods, and a twenty-two ton vault door to boot. On top of that Fort Knox also is a military camp with around thirty thousand highly trained soldiers on-site!




So how did you score? 

8-10       You’re as secure as the Fort Knox vault!
4-7          Not bad, but there’s room for improvement
0-3          You may as well publish your PIN number online

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