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3 things you need to consider for your Hotel Fire Safety

Hotel Fire Safety

A hotel fire can kill. It’s not just your premises to think of when it comes to hotel fire safety. It’s your devoted staff members, it’s your housekeepers, repeated customers that you know by a first name basis, people on their anniversaries or just-marrieds, and children and families on their holidays.

So, follow our simple things for preventing a fire at your hotel:

First and foremost an FRA

By law, your hotel is required to have an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment (FRA). Your FRA should be updated when any changes are made to your hotel. Significant risks such as new furniture, new building works or if there has been a fire are key influencers. A Fire Risk Assessment will highlight any hazards that your hotel may have when it comes to fire and therefore what measures need to be taken in order to reduce the risk.

Consider your guests, your staff, and your visitors

Who will be in your hotel? Can vulnerable people safely evacuate your hotel when in event of a fire? Consider your escape routes and your fire alarm systems for alerting people to a fire. Disabled escape routes and other means for alarm should be considered, especially for those with mobility disabilities or who are hard of hearing.

Hotel Fire Safety Training

Who will direct guests with your evacuation process or those that are unfamiliar with the escape routes? Your staff members should have fire training. On top of this, a competent person, responsible for your hotel fire safety prevention, to take the control in the event of a fire and have a copy of the list of guests, should be Fire Warden Trained.

Other key considerations:

So, does your hotel need help with Fire Safety? Then call us now on 0845 402 3045 or email our friendly sales team at today! Or get a quote for a Fire Risk Assessment or Fire Training for your hotel now!

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