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Hotel Fire Horror Stories of 2018

Back in March, we reported the top 5 hotel fire stories of 2018 so far, but as the months have gone by, so have the severity of the hotel fire horror stories. Find out what they were and contact us now to help prevent your hotel from the hotel fire horror stories list!
Terrible Timings:

These no good time for a fire to take over your hotel. However, the Mandarin Oriental hotel mounted major damage to the 116-year-old building which had only just undergone an extensive multi-million-pound renovation, in an attempt to bring it back to its timeless elegance.

2. Hotels and Human Remains:

A man was charged for the arson of the Aberystwyth hotel which sadly led to the death of a holidaymaker. The man in question was reported ‘unaccounted for’ by authorities after the rest of the residents were evacuated upon hearing the fire alarm. Authorities discovered the body days later after the hotel was structurally sound enough to enter.

3. Pets Protected from Hotel Fire Demise:

A hotel, pub and pet store were all at risk in this Bridlington town centre blunder. Luckily, no humans or animals were injured during the blaze. However, the hotel roof and flat above the premises had been completed destroyed.

4. Frightful Fines:

Although the Lamb and Lion Inn was a fine 4-star hotel establishment they failed to acknowledge fire safety warnings highlighted in a rookie Fire Risk Assessment which led to the fine of £120,000, after putting over 1,300 people’s lives at risk.


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