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Hot Weather, More Fire Hazards and a Higher Risk of Fires!

This British summer heatwave has truly been a scorcher. With record temperatures of 33.0 °C in Wales (Porthmadog, Gwynedd) in June and with the weather set to reach mid 30 °C in the UK this week. One thing’s for sure, we’re in for a hot one! So, with hot weather, means more fire hazards and a higher risk of fires.

The best way to deal with a fire… is to prevent it! Therefore, follow our suggestions for preventing and tackling the outbreak of a fire in this already, burning heat!

Unplug Electrical Equipment Out of Use.

If your electrical equipment isn’t being used, switch it off and unplug it. Less heat will be generated from your electricals and therefore less chance of fuelling the fire, which is one of the three key elements needed to create a fire.

Do Not Unnecessarily Overload Sockets.

We know we need more fans on, but if a fire starts because of an overloaded plug socket, that heat will not be cooled or put out by a fan! Furthermore, electrical cables everywhere can create a fire hazard, so keep your cables tidy!

Smoking Hot

Ensure that there are suitable stubbing posts or ashtrays to dispose of cigarette stubs to avoid accidental fires, just throwing it into a bin isn’t safe enough. Warmer days can lead to bins contents becoming dry, hot and therefore more flammable.

Housekeeping and Fire Hazards

Housekeeping in the hot weather is probably the last thing on your mind. Although it’s sweaty work, you’ll be breaking a bigger sweat if your premises catches fire! Dust and dry leaves or vegetation are fire hazards and can make great kindling. So can empty or even full cardboard boxes, so make sure they’re disposed of correctly.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are fire doors for a reason. So, unless your fire doors have auto shutters, keep them closed no matter how hot and stuffy it is. If you don’t have an auto shutter don’t just wedge open with stopper, chair or even fire extinguishers (real-life examples). If there is a fire, having the doors open will cause the fire and smoke to spread much quicker.

So keep your cool and your business from the heat of a fire hazards in this hot weather by calling us now on 0845 402 3045 or email for more advice or information.

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