Have You Caught a Ghost on Your CCTV Footage?

Check these 5 signs to look out for!

As Halloween quickly approaches, we thought we’d take a look at unusual happenings caught on CCTV footage over the recent years. Because CCTV systems are continuously running, it is one of the first ports of call for those looking for evidence of paranormal activity. But how do you go about spotting a ghost on your CCTV footage? Here are some examples that have created intrigue and mystery. Are they evidence of paranormal activity? We’ll let you decide!

1. Shadowy Figures

The security guard at Dover Castle is clearly baffled by this dark shadow that moved across the front of their gate. Some were convinced it was a paranormal visitor, whilst others thought it was simply a fly on the lens.

2. Shifting Statues
Paranormal believers flocked to Manchester in 2013 after it was revealed that a local museum’s 3800 year old Egyptian artifact was shifting by itself in its display case. A timelapse video recorded by the museum staff confirmed the case, clearly showing the statuette mysteriously twisting. Some suggested theories of curses and witchcraft, whilst sceptics proposed the traffic noise from outside the museum caused it to judder across the glass shelf. The latter theory was later proven due to the statue’s convex base.

3. Floating things

Most paranormal video claims are based around non-descript blotches, blobs and hazes that appear in video imagery. A recent example of this was the alleged ghost captured on video floating through a locked section of a police station in New Mexico. Sceptics were unconvinced, but the police officers were convinced it was evidence of the spirit they thought had been stalking the station for years.

4. Moving Chair
Whilst poltergeist activity is considered to be rare, it is another area of frequent CCTV activity. From objects moving seemingly by themselves to items being thrown across rooms. The most recent example to capture people’s imaginations is the footage from a theatre in Romford. The venue’s CCTV captured one of the chairs shifting backwards entirely by itself, despite the theatre being completely empty. Video distortion doesn’t seem to be at play here, leaving only the suggestion that it was in fact poltergeist activity. Either that or it was a very good old fashioned hoax.

5. Floating Teabags

Yet more suspected poltergeist activity came to light last year from a Whitstable high street shop. They caught this CCTV footage of a box of teabags seemingly levitating off the shelf behind a shopper and hovering in mid-air, before dropping to the ground. Real evidence of the paranormal or just a PR stunt by the shop in question?

So have you seen any similarly mysterious sights on your CCTV footage? Whilst our CCTV systems are usually used to enhance the security of a business, maybe this Halloween you should review your footage for evidence of the paranormal!

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