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Halloween Business Security— Do You Know Who’s Under The Masks?

Halloween is all fun and games for trick or treaters, children, families and sweet shops. However, many criminals will use masks to remain undetected while blending in with the crowd.

Opportunists will take advantage of people being out on the street, wearing costumes to conceal their faces in order to break into your site and possibly rob your business.

During the winter months and particularly around Halloween and bonfire night, burglaries, theft and damage-related activity increases by up to a shocking 160%


Assured want to help, here are our quick tips for not getting tricked

Ensure your premises is well lit

The fewer places thieves can linger in the darkness, the less likely they are to commit a robbery. Lighting up the outside of your property will allow thieves to be spotted by the public. As well as your security cameras, meaning they are more likely to be caught


Deter criminals with CCTV cameras

If thieves spot a security camera in place, they are more likely to think twice before trying to break into the property. Make sure your cameras can be spotted and put sufficient signage up warning intruders that they are being filmed on CCTV.


Change your time stamp

It’s also important to remember to change the time stamp on your CCTV once the clocks change on October 27th. If the time stamp is wrong the police may not be able to use the video as evidence!


Install an intruder alarm system

If thieves fail to be deterred by your CCTV cameras and signs, they are sure to be given a fright when the sounders and intruder alarm activate. This will alert the public as well as scaring the intruder on site.


Monitor your intruder alarm

CCTV and Intruder alarms are vital parts of every security set up. However, for that extra security, you should get your intruder alarm monitored. Alarm monitoring will make sure the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is notified once your intruder alarm is activated, keeping you protected 24/7.


Don’t take the risk this Halloween, with everyone walking around in masks and costumes keeping your property protected is essential. Call 0845 402 3045 or email for more information on your security systems.

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