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The Future of Care Home Security

A care home should be an open and welcome space for both the residents and the family that come to visit. However, managers must simultaneously ensure the security of the site, including its staff, sensitive data and the locations of medicines. If an unauthorised person attempts to obtain access, staff need to be made aware as soon as possible. In addition, if residents have dementia or other complex conditions, it is essential that care workers know where they are at any time.

Therefore, an access control system that’s advanced enough to provide excellent security but easy enough for everyone to operate is vital in a care home. For example, a system that can report to managers in real time can directly impact the quality of care as it enables staff to quickly locate residents, respond to problems as soon as they arise and organise staff workflows more efficiently. This results in less staff time wasted handling keys.

Wireless is the Way Forward

In the modern day, dated mechanical security is not the answer. Managing numerous different keys puts an unnecessary burden on care staff as trying to find the right key in a hurry can cause critical delays. A physical master-key system does not offer the high standard of security now required in a modern care home and mechanical keys don’t offer real-time monitoring or detailed audit trails, consequently meaning you may not be able to trace a resident in an emergency.

Additionally, elderly residents may start to feel unhappy about spending every night locked in. However, care home managers must ensure the new technology is easy to operate if they choose to install it. Wired access control is also disruptive and expensive to install, making wireless the better choice for a care home environment.

Assured Can Help

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