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Friday 13th Doesn’t Have to be Unlucky, Make Sure Your Business is Secure.

Friday 13th is considered the most unlucky day of the year in the Western World, and it is almost upon us. Unfortunately for the superstitious folk, there are two Friday 13ths in 2017 – January 13th and October 13th.

The Jinxed Friday 13th is said to have arose from Jesus’ last supper, where it is thought that there were 13 people present on the night before his death – which occurred on a Friday. As there have been an ongoing strange occurrences on this day people pay particular car to avoid catastrophe when it comes around.

Don’t leave your businesses security to luck – we have come up with 13 ways to ensure your premises is protected from criminals this Friday 13th!

Be Mindful of Friday 13th

  1. Risk assessment

A risk assessment is where it all begins. A professional risk assessor will highlight where your premises is most vulnerable and recommend amendments to your security equipment.


  1. IP HD CCTV cameras

The technology in CCTV systems is always evolving and being updated. HD IP Cameras give you crystal clear recordings and a wider ratio, so if an intruder was on your premises you would be able to identify them. So any bad luck or weird movements can be captured!

See our blogs on Analog Vs IP and upgrading to HD systems for more information on the options available to you.


  1. Access control

Access control systems ensure you always know who is entering your business premises and ensures no unauthorised personnel can gain access. Read our guide on access control.


  1. Security lighting

It is important not to give intruders the upper hand, security lighting should illuminate all around your premises so the intruders, or anything else for that matter, cannot creep in the shadows.


  1. Check the locks

You have made it through most of this awful jinxed day, well done! But don’t become complacent – make sure you have locked all windows and the shutters are down. Although the 13th is nearly over there is still time for spooky happenings.


  1. Intruder alarms

Intruder alarms can act as strong deterrents to potential intruders and they don’t want to risk setting the alarm off. Alarms can also be monitored.



  1. Alarm monitoring

Alarm monitoring means when your intruder alarm is activated the call goes through to a control centre who will contact the relevant people.


  1. Clear obstructions to cameras

CCTV cameras are effective in identifying intruders but only if their lenses are not obstructed by shrubbery or other objects. Regular checks to the cameras will ensure they are clear and in good working order.


  1. Check your premises

Regular checks around your building ensures there are no security breaches either in fences or doors. This is a very simple way to protect yourself that is often overlooked.


  1. Panic Alarms

Panic alarms are an effective way to alert other members of staff in the building if there is an intruder or if there is an emergency.


  1. ‘Check your staff’

This is what employers should do at the beginning of employment. This ensures employers know the criminal background of any potential staff members.


  1. Stay up to date

In this day and age technology is always evolving and it is important to stay ahead of the game. If you know all the new techniques you can protect yourself against them.


  1. Ask the experts

We are experts in the field of security and can help you choose the correct systems for your business.

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