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Is a Fire Suppression System Right For Your Business?

A fire Suppression system suppresses a fire through releasing an agent. Once a fire has been detected, by either the manual or automatic detection, a notification is sent to the panel which in turn releases the agent.

Fire Suppression systems are being installed to protect all industries across the UK from Restaurants and Bakeries to Offices and Food manufacturers.

Firstly, How do you know if you need a Fire Suppression System?

There are 2 ways to determine if you need a suppression system

1) Your insurance company has specified the need – some insurances companies are insisting on a suppression system being installed due to the risks involved.

2) Your company has a specific fire risk which may have to be extinguished without relying on a member of staff.

 Understanding which system is right for you.

We know from experience that choosing the correct fire suppression system for your organisation can be a bit of a minefield, from knowing why you need one, to which type of system is required and choosing a reliable and trustworthy company.

This is why we have put together this brief guide outlining the types of system available

Gas Fire Suppression—FM200

Gas systems are stored as liquid, with nitrogen used to pressurise it. When released the FM200 chemical agent has a chemical reaction with the fire and extinguishes it.

Gas systems are  best suited to data rooms, Switch rooms and communication rooms.

Water Mist Fire Suppression

Water mist systems are commonly replacing sprinklers in big data rooms, other large areas and local applications.

These systems can be used for flammable liquids and electrical rooms, the mist evaporates and causes a starving of oxygen effect. Should the fire not reach a high enough temperature, the fire will still be suppressed but by a cooling. This could cause possible damage. 

Foam Deluge Suppression

Foam systems work by releasing a foam concentrate which is mixed with water to provide an expanding agent.

Foam Deluge systems are often used on external large appliances where water or gas can’t be used such as fuel storage, oil tanks.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System (ANSUL)

This systems is designed specifically for commercial kitchens. Nozzles are placed under the cookers and propel a water-based agent onto the risk once its detected.

This system is ideal for Restaurants, Take aways, Hotels and anywhere with commercial kitchen appliances.


Still unsure if a Fire Suppression system is right for you? Contact us on 0845 402 3045 or email for more information. Alternatively download our Fire Suppression Guide.


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