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Fire Safety in Factories, How do I protect my Factory From Fire?

Factories, due to their nature, are at a high risk of having a fire. Fires usually break out due to unforeseen problems with equipment or human error. The level of risk varies depending on the type of work being carried out in the premises, the number of employees, and the time at which work is carried out. Below are 3 of the most common fire hazards in a factory, and how to ensure you factory doesn’t encounter these problems.

Flammable substances

Machinery within factories may use flammable substances.  If a machine was to catch fire it is often due to the lack of maintenance, operator’s error or unauthorised repairs which results in an accidental fire.

Training and strict procedures will help to minimise and maybe even eradicate any potential fires and reduce the risk of a fire breaking out.

Store Rooms

Overly packed store rooms are dangerous. A large number of flammable goods are often kept in store rooms/cupboards and if they are not regularly looked after and kept tidy, then they can become a large fire hazard.

Fire and smoke detectors should be installed in these rooms and fire doors should be fitted so if a fire was to break out it would be contained. Again, training and awareness courses are available for members of staff to help protect your premises from fire.


Depending on what equipment has been provided in kitchenettes and tearooms can affect the level of fire risk the pose, especially if the food that is cooking is left unattended. Full dining facilities and kitchens are a high risk but this is lessened by having fully trained staff in attendance at all times and the correct fire suppression if a fire was to start in the store the blaze can be contained system installed.

Depending on the size of the kitchen, an Ansul system should be installed to prevent the fire from becoming out of control.

Fire Safety Training

There’s little point in having all the correct firefighting equipment installed if your staff are unsure of how to use it correctly in an emergency. Not having the correct training can actually endanger lives and cause a containable fire to quickly become out of control. During training sessions, as well as detailing and practising fire procedures some time should also be devoted to emphasising simple fire precautions and an attempt to stop fires happening.

Fire Risk Assessments

Having a fire risk assessment conducted on a factory is mandatory. It will highlight any areas of concern and ensure the correct systems are installed in the correct locations.

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