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Educational Establishments – Fire Safety Hints

Got your hose in a twist when it comes to fire safety in educational establishments?

We know that caring for students, doesn’t just stop at their educational and learning affairs. There’s such a long list when it comes to protecting children from all the trials and tribulations of daily life. However, fire protection in all educational establishments should be a top contender on the list.

So to make fire safety a little easier, we’ve pulled together some fire safety management hints for your educational establishment.

Top 10 Fire Safety Hints for Educational Establishments:

1. Fire Risk Assessment

Make sure you have a fire risk assessment (FRA) conducted by a competent person, always. When any changes to the building or use of the building are made, so should the review of your FRA! – But you know that!

2. Training

Training and easily accessible information should be provided to all members of staff, especially when you have a large staff turnover.

3. Fire Drills

Fire drills and practice evacuations should be arranged at least once a term and should be conducted at various times of the day. Record of these should also be kept and any issues should be noted and subsequently worked upon.

4. Disability Evacuation Plans (PEEPS)

Drills should also include plans for those with disabilities or difficulties in order to escape in the event of a fire. Think about having a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) for certain individuals.

5. Emergency Signs

Signage should be obvious and clear so students, teachers and guests can follow them for escape routes. Emergency fire procedure signs should also be placed around educational establishments and displayed in each building.

6. Fire Doors

Fire doors should be kept clear of obstacles, visibly signed and not kept open by door wedges or obstructions.

7. Firefighting Equipment Checks

Fire alarms, detectors and extinguishers should be thoroughly and frequently maintained by fire safety trained personnel.

8. Flammable Material Precaution

Flammable materials should be stored or deposited appropriately. e.g. any combustible science equipment.

9. Electrical Appliances Checks

Electrical items such as computer equipment, telephones, projectors etc. should be checked periodically. Extension leads should not be overloaded.

10. Out of Hours Fire Safety Plans

Fire safety in educational establishments doesn’t stop as soon as the students leave the premises. Measures should be made to ensure your educational establishments are also safe from fire, outside of working hours, including holidays.

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Are your fire safety protection procedures for your educational establishments covered under the official fire safety legislation? Call our team on 0845 402 3045 or email to protect your students, teachers and educational establishments, now!

Original Sources: Warwickshire GOV

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