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Enforcements, Procedures and Penalties – Fire Safety Fines

Fire safety fines aren’t fun… you know that!
But, do you know the official procedures for when you breach fire safety regulations?

Let’s begin with the basics, if you qualify as any of the following, you are the ‘responsible person’ when it comes to the fire safety in business:

An employer
The owner
The landlord
An occupier
Facilities manager
Building manager
The managing agent
The risk assessor

Your local fire and rescue authority will attend and assess the fire risk assessment of your property and its fire prevention methods. They will take action if your property isn’t considered fire safe or is in breach. Find out what’s what, when it comes to fire safety fines, notices and penalties.

Here’s what you could be issued if your property does not comply:

Alterations notice

An alteration notice is a formal fire safety notice, issued if your property has high safety risks or if the use of the premises has changed purpose.

Enforcement notice

An enforcement notice is more severe, given when a property has a seriously high safety risk that is not being managed. The notice will specify details of what amendments are required and a deadline for which they will need to be improved by.

Prohibition notice

A prohibition notice is served to the responsible person when a property is subject to such high risk of fire, that prevention of admittance to the premises is deemed paramount for the safety of all. A prohibition notice will take immediate effect upon finding any extreme compliance issue.

And finally… Penalties!

Minor offences to the fire safety of premises can be charged penalties of up to £5,000. Consequently, the charges do not stop there. Major fire safety breach penalties can be anything from an unlimited fine, up to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment.

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