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The Fire Safety Act – Simplified!

Do you find the Fire Safety Act daunting? Or do you just need a quick refresh of the main points? If so, then read our summary of the Fire Safety Act below. This will help determine if your workplace is compliant with fire safety legislation.

What are the Requirements of the Act?

First and foremost, a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment needs completing. A Fire Risk Assessment will evaluate the condition of your premises, the contents of the building to identify potential fire hazards, sources of ignition and combustible materials, and the escape routes in the event of a fire. The assessment should also take into consideration who works in the building and where, current fire safety signage, existing protocols for fire prevention and management, and fire safety equipment onsite including its condition and maintenance. The Fire Industry Association recommend you update your FRA every 3 years to stay compliant with fire safety regulations.

Once a risk assessment has been undertaken, the next thing to consider is how any identified risks can be reduced, or if possible, completely removed. Usual fixes includes;

As an absolute minimum, the following must be considered during a risk assessment;

Escape routes are also another crucial point to consider. It is imperative that all escape routes are easily accessible and unobstructed at all times.

Am I Responsible for Meeting the Order?

Anyone with control over a business premises is responsible for ensuring the order is met.
Those who possess control include:

So, Does my Workplace Meet the Order?

We hope this summary helps you to understand if your workplace is meeting the requirements of the Fire Safety Act.

You must ensure that all the fire safety equipment in your workplace is fully operational and in perfect working order, so in the event of a fire you and your colleagues minimise the risk of damage and loss of life as much as possible.

If you need any help or advice in determining whether you’re meeting the requirements of the Fire Safety Act, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can organise a Free Site Survey, or if you don’t have a Fire Risk Assessment, or one that is ‘suitable and sufficient’ send us your details and we’ll be in touch.

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