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Fire Hazards in Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are not limited to just restaurants, it’s not uncommon for Care Homes, Hotels, Offices, retail units, Hospitals and other industries to have kitchens within their properties.

In restaurants alone, kitchen appliances account for 25% of all fires and cookers amount to 23% of fires.

We want to help, here are our top five kitchen fire risks

1. Open flames

Kitchens are often a hectic place, with numerous people rushing around with flammable items. Open flames are a huge fire risk because they are often unprotected with a large number of flammable items in close vicinity. Install a kitchen fire suppression unit for added protection.


2. Clothing

A chef’s clothing can be highly flammable, creating a massive fire risk especially if they are working around open flames. It’s not just the clothing they should consider though, towels and other flammable items can often be found inside a kitchen.


3. Electrical distribution and wiring

Electricity is often a fire risk that is forgotten about in a kitchen. Wiring should be checked to ensure it’s not damaged or frayed. Attention should be paid to ensure wires are never left around standing water to avoid any potential incidents.Finally, all electrical equipment should be regularly PAT tested as well.


4. Grease

Grease should be cleaned daily to ensure it doesn’t build up and become a fire risk. Even a days build up of grease can quickly escalate a fire. Additionally the longer your kitchen goes without being properly cleaned the higher the risk will be. Staff should have a clear cleaning schedule with management checking that it is being adhered too.


5. Fire protection is not fit for purpose

Changes to layouts means that areas may not be protected. Any changes to the layout/new equipment added can mean you need to reassess your fire prevention. In addition, you should conduct regular reviews of your kitchen to make sure your equipment’s protecting the desired area.


If you still have concerns about the fire safety in your kitchen, contact our specialists today on 0845 402 3045 or email to discuss your fire protection options.


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