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The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

The maintenance of fire extinguishers and all other fire protection equipment is paramount.


Failure of Function.

Fire extinguisher maintenance is absolutely imperative, even the smallest of components such as the safety pin!

If your safety pin is corroded you may not be able to pull it out in the event of a fire. Therefore, you’d not be able to expel the fire extinguishing contents, resulting in an escalated fire, a call out from the fire services and the risk of injury or WORSE.


Official Guidance.

Within the guidance document for enforcing authorities devised by the Chief Fire Officers Association, section 17 states that equipment fitted to British Standard:

“it is it is reasonable to expect that the standard be met by the responsible person in terms of maintenance and recording systems”.

Therefore, if your fire extinguishers are not being adequately maintained, you may be at risk; at risk of a fire escalating uncontrollably and also at risk of punishable fines and prosecution under legislation acts.


A Fire Extinguisher Technician.

A trained and experienced Fire Extinguisher Technician with the right qualifications, tools, equipment, access and stock for refills and replacements. They would also be able to identify any issues easily whilst recommending, replacing and reporting any extinguishers that are beyond repair.

A Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Technician will conduct 20 rigorous checks, before signing off each extinguisher, if it is safe and adequate for continued use.


Assured! We have the competency to fully service your fire protection equipment adequately and effectively. Additionally, they will be able to offer the right advice for changes and even replace or repair where necessary.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance by Assured!

Therefore, do you need fire extinguisher maintenance and training? Then call us on 0845 402 3045 or email for advice from a certified and fully competent company now!

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