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Punishments and Prosecutions to the Detriment of Fires in Care Homes

In the past twelve months, at least three people have died due to fires in care homes.

We’ve listed 6 care homes which have been subject to punishments and prosecutions in the form of fines and worse. Read on, to find out how to protect your people and care home in the event of a fire.

  1. Woodlands View Care Home, February 2018
    One dead and one critical.
  2. Cypress Court Care Home, July 2017
    Fined £50,000 and £9,000 in court costs.
  3. Newgrange residential home, April 2017
    Two dead and three suffered from burns and smoke inhalation.
  4. Donwell House Care Home, 2014
    £380,000 fine.
  5. Morven Healthcare Limited, 2014
    £70,000 fine.
  6. Ambassador Care Home, 2013
    £40,375 fine.

Don’t want to be another statistic, charged a hefty fine or responsible for the death of a vulnerable person? Then keep YOUR care home protected from fire, by keeping these key areas covered:

Specialist Systems:
  • Nurse call system: For use in all nursing homes, care centres, hospitals and prisons, our nurse call systems are the latest technology which give zoned or pin-point addressable locations of any activation.
  • Medical alarms: If you, a relative or friend who has a medical condition you can be assured help is always at hand with our bespoke medical alarms. One press of a hand, belt or neck chain fob device can ensure a rapid response, using our remote monitored medical alarm systems.
  • Warden Call Systems: For the elderly & vulnerable entrust your safety in our hands with bespoke designed systems in bungalows & estates to flats & centres.
Fire Safety Training & Evacuation Plan:

According to the government guidance on fire safety risk in residential care premises: “You must provide adequate fire safety training for your staff”. Ensure all your staff are aware of the general evacuation plan. If needed, make sure they know about all residents’ PEEP’s  (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans).

Fire Risk Assessment:

By law, all care homes must have an up-to-date fire risk assessment. It is recommended that a fire risk assessment review is undergone every 6 months, in addition to every time there are new machines installed, in times when there is a high staff turn over, in circumstances of any changes to procedures, and all else which could lead to new hazards.

Emergency Signs and Lighting:

Automatic emergency escape lighting should be in place to illuminate all the escape routes. With your residents’ guests coming and going from your care home, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate guidance in place to safely direct people to a fire exit. According to GOV.UK guidance, those with “difficulty seeing conventional signs, a ‘way-guidance’ system may need to be considered”.

Let us care for your care homes and help you to keep your care home off the punishments and prosecutions list. Call us now on 0845 402 3045 or email

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