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Fancy a Summer Break (in) for your School?

What if there was more than one summer break (in) this year for your school?

School’s almost out for the year and the summer break is fast approaching. Students are heading off to enjoy the brilliant weather, teachers are finishing up with their end of year reports and thieves are making their carefully calculated plans for a break-in at YOUR school. So make sure you’re just as ready, to break their thieving strides.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Opportunistic thieves will ‘give it a go’ if the chance arises. Meaning, if they can see the goods or the windows are open for opportunity, then thieving activity may be elicited. So keep the doors and windows, close and locked. The blinds down and the curtains closed. Lights off, to the sports trophy cabinet and assets, secured…

Storing your assets in a secure location.

Computer devises, lab equipment, projectors, sports equipment, musical instruments and any other things of significant value that appeal to the likes of thieves should be locked away and out of plain sight.

Lights, camera, action.

Most thieves are camera shy. If your school has CCTV security cameras, thieves will be much less likely to partake in the criminal activity for fear they may get caught. Additionally, what’s even more discouraging for thieves, is when a bright exterior light flashes on for detection of their devious activity. An exterior sensor light will not only stop thieves in their footsteps but also allow for a better capture of their profile for police evidence.

An invitation to illicit activity.

Current damages, if your school is tempting trespassers with broken locks and already prised-open gates, you’re pretty much, inviting thieves in! So, get these things fixed before your school breaks up. Tightening up the route in for thieves will discourage their illicit activity.

Intruder impeding.

If you’ve exhausted all the above and the intruders have successfully made their way into your education premises. Then make sure you’re covered by a monitored intruder alarm. If a thief is detected, then the police or a third party is immediately alerted for an emergency response. Your monitored alarm will be active for action, all day, every day, all year, not just summer break.

Already had a break in and think it won’t happen again?

If your school has already had a break in, chances are, it will happen again. Schools that have previously been the target of a break-in, are much more likely to be targeted again.

Will your school still be in the same condition as how you left it before the summer break?

The best way to stop a break-in is to prevent it. So, to make sure your school is safe during summer, follow our other online help and security guidance. Because although school’s out for summer, out till fall… we want to make sure you do all go back after it all! So call us on 0845 402 3045 or email to keep your school safe through summer.

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