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Escape the Clutches of Fire at your Workplace!

What happens when there’s a fire at your workplace?

Would you know what action to take and where to escape to? Read our top tips in preparation for the escape of a fire at your workplace.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

The sooner you know, the sooner you go! If you aren’t alerted, then how would you know? With a fully maintained fire alarm system, your staff will be warned of a fire at the first instance. As a result, having a fire alarm system will allow people to escape the premises with as much warning of a fire as possible.

Fire Doors

It’s not just about having fire doors, it’s about having well-fitted fire doors. Therefore, in order for a fire door to protect and function, it needs to be as airtight as possible. Not only do fire doors protect the allocated escape routes, but they also ensure smoke and fire are as contained as possible to the places they have originated, aiming to prevent spreading as much as possible.

Fire Evacuation Plan

Would you know what to do upon discovering a fire at your workplace? Who would call the fire brigade in the instance of a fire in your workplace? Are there any people in the workplace that would need special assistance in the event of a fire? All these questions need to be considered when creating your Fire Evacuation Plan and can be better answered after a thorough Fire Risk Assessment.

Muster Points

Muster points are a must! Emergency routes and exits must lead as directly as possible to a place of safety. Otherwise known as the fire assembly point. According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order should be labelled, illuminated and should consider those with a disability.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting should clearly show the exit routes and final exits from the building ready in case there’s fire at your workplace. There are several types of emergency lights available. However, whichever the type, the battery in the light fitting must power the light for a minimum of 3 hours on most occasions.

Escape Signs

Does your workplace have escape signs in place? They should highlight the escape route and exits, the exit signs should be illuminated in cases of power-outs. Furthermore, employees should know where each safety device is by means of these signs. Safety signs also provide the vital knowledge needed to operate emergency devices quickly and safely.

Are you confident you could escape the clutches of fire at your workplace? Get our top tips right, call us on 0845 402 3045 or email us for more guidance, information or to book in a FREE site survey today.

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