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Don’t Have A Nightmare Before Christmas, Keep Your Business Secure With Our Top 5 Tips

Did you know it’s only 8 weeks until Christmas? Did you also know during the festive season business’ loose approximately £978 million to criminals? Did you also know that over 70% of businesses don’t recover after a major fire

Although crime may not be at the top of your priorities this Christmas it should not be forgotten about. The last thing you want to happen is an intruder ruin your festivities, so we have put together our Top 5 tips to help you keep your business, in business this Christmas.

Ensure your safety systems are working correctly

Having the correct safety equipment in place that is reliable and that you have confidence in is crucial to ensuring that your business stays protected from intruders and fire.

Decorate appropriately

Whilst it is easy to get carried away with decorating your business, it is important to remember there are certain places that aren’t suitable for your decorations and can cause a fire. For example, fairy lights should not be left on at the end of the working day and if  you are decorating your premises with Christmas presents do not leave them in a tempting place for intruders to get their hands on.

Check your security lights and CCTV

Exterior security lights and CCTV systems are often a deterrent and can prevent criminals from breaking into your business. Ensure all your lights and cameras are not obstructed and are in good working order.

Secure your windows

Windows are the easiest point of entry for an intruder to gain access to your business. There are many ways to secure your windows, from adding window alarms to installing security bars.

Monitor your safety systems

Both fire and security systems can and should be monitored by either your local police authority or Fire brigade department. Should the worse happen and your business be in danger, you have confidence in knowing that help is on it’s way even if you are not there.

If you don’t want your festivities to be ruined by intruders or fire then we can help with a FREE Fire and Security Audit. Call us today on 0845 402 3045 or email us at

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