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Development in Emergency Lighting 2019: All you need to know.

The FIA has announced technical updates to the BS 5266-1, Emergency Lighting to include Safety Lighting” and “Dynamic Safety Signage Systems.”

Safety Lighting

What is it?

Safety Lighting is used to protect occupants who stay within a building during a supply failure. This ensures that the areas occupied are safe for the activities to be conducted as well as meeting Escape Lighting requirements. 

How does it work?

Safety lighting is additional lighting to be used alongside escape lighting and Escape Route Lighting & Safety signs. Safety Lighting is used when a premises may not be evacuated during a supply failure. These systems should have automatic testing to ensure the duration can be verified.

What’s the changes?

Safety Lighting BS 5266-1 now gives guidance to assist the Fire Risk Assessor and Client to decide on the appropriate Safety Lighting needed if the building is to stay occupied during a supply failure, it also includes the suitable light levels, duration and controls to be used during the supply failure.

“Dynamic Safety Signage Systems”

What is it?

Dynamic safety signage systems use an input of the fire to direct occupants to the safest exit routes.

How does it work?

In these systems, the information is conveyed by an exit directional sign or route marker. This can be controlled to change the route information to direct occupants away from an exit that has become unusable.

Dynamic Safety Signage systems interact with fire alarm systems and building management systems to detect any routes that maybe obstructed. This could be either through fire hazards or other hazards.

What’s the changes?

At the start of the evacuation, routes can be selected either automatically or manually to direct occupants away from routes with hazards.

Full details can be found on the FIA website,  however, if you have any questions, give us a call today on 0845 402 3045 or email Alternatively, arrange a free site survey and discuss your sites fire safety with one of our consultants.





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