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What to Consider When Upgrading Your Fire Alarm

You may have had your fire alarm in place for many years and undergo regular maintenance visits, however do you know when your system is due an upgrade?

As systems grow older they become increasingly more unreliable and prone to failure putting your people and property at risk.

UK Fire and Rescue services attend over 870,000 incidents a year. The consequences of this for the local economy often include the loss of business, property, personal possessions and even fatalities.

What To Consider When Thinking Of Upgrading Your Fire Alarm


1.     Are Failing Components Putting Your People In Danger?

As your Fire Alarm gets older, the chances of components failing increases. Failing components can potentially cause false call outs to the Fire Brigade or even worse, they could not function in the event of a fire.


2.     Are Your Callout Costs Increasing?

Old equipment requires more call outs, as the system starts to get faults and components start to fail. Most companies will charge for a call out and to come look at your faulty system, before the added cost of repairing any equipment.


3.     Has Your Premises Layout Changed?

Changes to the premise layout surrounding area can lead to alarms no longer being fit for purpose on site. After changing your premises layout you should undertake a Fire Risk Assessment to highlight any changes needed to your Fire Alarm and other Equipment.


Benefits Of Upgrading Your Fire Alarm


1.     Upgrades Can Be Quicker And Easier Than You Think

When people think of upgrading their fire alarms they assume that not only is it costly but also time consuming however with advancing technology, Fire Alarm upgrades are now easier to undertake with a faster and more efficient installation. It is also possible to include old wiring to save you time and money.


2.     Upgrades Can Be Designed To Meet Your Specific Needs

All sites require different specifications from their Fire Alarms. Upgrading your alarm will allow you to install a system that is relevant to your specific fire risks. This can be discussed with the engineer before the system is designed, meaning you can be confident that your people and property will remain protected.


It is a legal requirement to make sure you keep your Fire Alarm System fit for purpose, Upgrade your Fire Alarm today by calling 0845 402 3045 or emailing for your bespoke quotation.

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