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Christmas Fire Safety for your Business

When thinking of a Christmas fire we think of sitting in front of the Christmas stocking lined hearth with a mulled wine in hand… not the chaos of an accidental Christmas fire at your business premises!

So, follow our five festive tips for your business this Christmas:

1. Christmas Lights

Lots and lots of Christmas lights. We all want to get into the Christmas spirit, but those spirits will soon be dampened if there’s a fire at your premise due to overloaded plug sockets full of Christmas lights!

2. Christmas Fire Alarm Testing

Although it’s a busy time of year and although some people may already be on holiday by now. This is by no means an excuse to take a break from testing out your fire alarms. Your fire alarms should be tested regularly and the holiday period is no exception!

3. Dec the Walls!

Not electrical hazards, lamps or other flammable risks. Most decorations such as tinsel, paper banners and candles are fairly combustible. Therefore, to keep the risk of fire at a minimum, make sure they’re positioned appropriately.

4. Christmas Tree

Where’s the best place to position it? Maybe you want it directly in the entrance of your premises on show to all your customers and staff? Maybe it’s best out the way, in a corner by the fire door? Neither of these is a good idea if they’re blocking the emergency escape, so bear this in mind when placing your trees, it may be useful to review your Fire Risk Assessment to ensure risks are not posed.

5. In Case of Emergency

Nobody wants to deal with a festive fright around Christmas time! However, if your business does encounter a Christmas fire, you need to make sure you’re fully equipped to fight it if needed.

Don’t have a nightmare before Christmas when it comes to your business. For more information on keeping your business premises protected from fire this Christmas, get in touch. Read our other Christmas safety blogs or call us on 0845 402 3045 or email

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