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Choosing The Right Fire Risk Assessor For YOUR Business

You need a Fire Risk Assessment, but how do you know which Assessor to choose?

A Fire Risk Assessment can be carried out by anyone who is competent to do so, however it is highly recommended to use a specialist company. If your local Fire and Rescue authority attends site and deems your assessment and prevention methods to be inadequate you could be handed an Enforcement Notice, Prohibition Notice or Penalties.

The Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council (FRACC) has published a set of criteria against which the competency of those undertaking fire risk assessments can be judged.  

3 Simple Checks to Pick The Right Assessor

1) Check their Training and Qualifications

Be satisfied that the fire risk assessor who carries out the work is competent.  This can be demonstrated by them providing evidence of compliance including training certificates and accreditations.  Fire Risk Assessors should ideally be on a recognised risk assessor register. You should look to appoint an assessor who is on a register, such as BAFE or the Institute of Fire Safety Managers


2) Check Their Experience

Check your potential risk assessor has previously completed risk assessments within your premises type and industry. This will ensure they have a deeper understanding of what to look out for. Experience undertaking warehouse assessments does not mean they are suitable to undertake an assessment in an office.


3) Request References

Assess your risk assessor as you would a potential employee at interview stage. Speak to your potential risk assessor for previous clients in similar premises types that you can contact for a reference. Ask their clients if they were satisfied and if any problems were later identified by the Fire and Rescue Authority.


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