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CCTV Cameras Catch Ghosts in Action On Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and after our popular have you caught a ghost on your CCTV footage? blog post we did last year we thought we would show you some more strange goings on caught on camera!

CCTV cameras are constantly running, therefore it’s one of the first ports of call for those looking for evidence of paranormal activity.

We have compiled our 5 favourite videos where CCTV has captured the terrifying moments on camera.

If you didn’t believe in paranormal activity before watching this, you may just rethink!

  1. A Poltergeist plagues Hotel chocolate
  1. A Haunted Pub
  1. Ghost plays tricks on innocent office worker
  1. Ghost goes shopping
  1. Scary warehouse experience

Now do you believe in Ghosts?

If you have CCTV, check your CCTV today for any spooky activities caught on camera!

Whilst we usually use our CCTV systems to enhance the security of a business, if you don’t have any cameras, maybe you should have some in place for next next Halloween and check your footage for evidence of the paranormal! Call us today on 0845 402 3045 or email us as

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One Response to CCTV Cameras Catch Ghosts in Action On Halloween

  1. Tom Halifax October 30, 2017 at 11:57 am #

    The Scary Warehouse is the worst …… not cool !!

    I have actual footage caught on our 64 camera system on site of two figures in our packhouse
    running from one end to the other 100% ghost