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CCTV Add-ons and Technical Advantages

CCTV add-ons and technical advantages you didn’t know were available!

There’s more to CCTV that meets the lens…

Not only is there a variety of CCTV systems available on the market. From Bullet cameras to Dome and C-Mount cameras, the list is plenty. But, what’s really catching people’s eyes when it comes to CCTV cameras is the additional technical features they can come with, such as:

Video Motion Detection:

CCTV that senses changes in a field of view to initiate a response, such as instigate recording or activate an intruder alarm.

Varifocal Lens:

Offers an initial set resolution to a specific scene but has the ability to zoom in and out of the scene optically to maintain focus and resolution.


(Automatic)/Number Plate Recognition is a CCTV software where a high-quality camera that can automatically recognise and record a number plate, to then compare within a database in order to perform a function i.e. open a barrier or if unrecognised, raise an alarm.

Detection and Monitoring:

A monitored CCTV system, allows the detection of activated camera locations to enable alarms to be triggered to alert the presence of an intruder. Once a detector is activated, alarm recording can start and a CCTV operator can initiate a response/action.

Audio Challenge:

Enables the operator of a monitored CCTV with speakers to address a person who has activated the system via detection. Furthermore, with an enabled microphone, an exchange in a conversation between the operator and person identified can happen.

Facial Recognition & Video Analytics:

Software that transforms standard CCTV systems into an alarm and detection system that provides facial recognition, tracking or counting objects, people, vehicles and providing alerts if specific changes occur in a particular field of view change. For example, left baggage for longer than a set period. The detection and alert possibilities are virtually endless!

Infrared Illumination:

Captures images even in the dark of the night. Infrared security cameras can be used for businesses that have the lights out at night in case of break-ins or for outside nighttime viewing.

Thermal Imaging Cameras:

Thermal imaging is great for extreme conditions such as identifying objects through smoke, fog, and low light levels. They can also be utilised for detection hot spots in fire risk situations and once a temperature range is exceeded to report an alarm.

For more in-depth information regarding the latest cameras available and for a better idea of what’s best for your business… Check out our ‘CCTV Type, Guides and Truths’ blog.

It’s not all about the CCTV add-ons and extras for CCTV Systems!

It’s all good having the latest in CCTV add-ons, features and extras. However, they’re all redundant if they fail to function through lack of proper maintenance.

The Data Protection Act Code of Practice for CCTV states that CCTV systems should be regularly maintained. It also states your CCTV should have a maintenance contract in place from an approved company, in order to clear recorded images. A maintenance schedule will also ensure your CCTV system is kept up to date, effective, and fully operational. Find out what a maintenance plan with Assured includes here.

Are you interested in a CCTV system that does more? Or do you need a maintenance contract for your current CCTV system? Then call 0845 402 3045 or email for CCTV advice now!

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