Have you caught a ghost on your CCTV footage?

As Halloween quickly approaches, we thought we’d take a look at unusual happenings caught on CCTV footage over the recent years. Because CCTV systems are continuously running, it is one of the first ports of call for those looking for evidence of paranormal activity. But how do you go about spotting a ghost on your CCTV footage? Here are some examples that have created intrigue and mystery. Are they evidence of paranormal activity? We’ll let you decide!

  1. Moving Objects

Whilst poltergeist activity is considered to be rare, it is an area of frequent CCTV activity. From objects moving seemingly by themselves to items being thrown across rooms. A recent example to capture people’s imaginations is this footage of a chair moving around by itself. Video distortion doesn’t seem to be at play here, leaving only the suggestion that it was in fact poltergeist activity. Either that or it was a very good old fashioned hoax.

2. Levitating Cars

This is the bizarre moment cars appeared to levitate in the air as they drove towards a crossroads in the city of Xingtai, China. Some think it is the work of witches or supernatural forces while others believe it was caused when the first truck drove over a lose cable left in the road, causing it to pull tight and lift the three vehicles into the air.

3. Shadowy figures

Many people believe that dogs have the ability to see and communicate with the dead, but is this figure seen sitting next to the unsuspecting dog paranormal or just a shadow?

4. Figure in the woods

The man on his motorbike is clearly frightened when he sees a figure appear in the woods, but is it a ghost? Some are convinced it is paranormal activity while others are sceptical due to the rather unusual location of the camera.

5. Flying Orbs

This CCTV footage shows strange unknown objects flying around a room. Some believe the orbs were attracted to the religious relics kept at the site, but is there a reasonable explanation for these sightings? Are they just insects and dust particles?

So have you seen any similarly mysterious sights on your CCTV footage? Whilst we usually use our CCTV systems to enhance the security of a business, maybe this Halloween you should review your footage for evidence of the paranormal!

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