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Business Crime – Protect YOUR Business

Business Crime effects between a quarter and a third of UK Businesses every year. With the consequences being significant. The FSB reports that the cost of crime is nearly £3000 per victim every year.

Many of the local police authorities offer free advice on how you can reduce business crime.  

We want to help, so we have put together our Top 5 Points below 

1. Maintain Your Premises 

Cut back any bushes or nearby trees to ensure they do not become overgrown and provide shelter to would be criminals.  This will reduce the number of places people can congregate or criminals can hide to gain access to the roof or unattended entrances.


2. Have an Operational CCTV System 

Regularly check that your CCTV is in full working order and provides good quality images. Check your CCTV covers any vulnerable areas, high risk areas and ensure there are no blind spots. For advice on approved suppliers visit the Security Systems Alarms Inspection Board.


3. Train Your People 

Ensure that your people understand their role in keeping your business secure. Consistently provide training on how to spot criminal activity and what steps to take should your business be targeted.


4. Control Access to Your Premises 

Keep doors, gates and fences well maintained and lock any access points when not in use. Consider installing an Access Control System to add further protection.


5. Install The Right Security Systems for Your Business

There are many different types of security systems from Intruder Alarms and Panic Alarms to SmokeCloak systems. Ensure you have the right systems in place to protect your property and make it clear that you have these types of alarm systems in place to deter thieves.


Still have concerns around your business security? Arrange a free site survey today by calling 0845 402 3045 or emailing

Alternatively, check out our business security checklist


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