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The Best Fire Hydrant Art

Here in the UK our fire hydrants are built underground with the yellow “H” sign marking their location, (see the image on the right). However, in the US the hydrants are built above ground. This offers the creative population the opportunity to express themselves with art. Therefore, we have put together this list of our top 5  favourite decorated fire hydrants.



1. Golden Fire Hydrant

This single fire hydrant survived a massive earthquake in San Francisco in 1906 and aided fire fighters in saving the Mission district. In memory of the event the extra special hydrant was painted gold.


 2. Blazing Fire Hydrant

These people have embraced the use of fire hydrants by painting them in flames. However, were you aware no one actually knows who invented the fire hydrant because the patent was destroyed in a fire!


3. Minion Hydrant

The painter of this hydrant was obviously a fan of the popular film “Despicable Me”. Therefore, has turned this hydrant into a rather convincing minion.


4. Fire Fighting Hydrant

We love the transformation of this fire hydrant into a mini fire fighter. But did you know fire fighting was actually a sport in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris?


5. Tiger Hydrant

This fire hydrant has taken inspiration from Winnie the Pooh and become one of his beloved friends Tiger.  A fun fact about fire houses is that the reason they have spiral staircases is because the horses that pulled the fire wagons learned to walk up straight ones.

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