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Are You Benefiting From The Right Intruder Alarm Devices?

Thieves are breaking into properties all over the UK; retail units, offices, building sites, warehouses and many more have all fallen victim to theft in 2019 alone.

With the need to protect different premises types and the advancement in technology, Intruder Alarms are becoming more sophisticated.

Choosing the right detection for your site can be influenced by your specific needs. We want to help you understand the different devices available to keep your premises safe.


Firstly, how do you know your Alarm has the correct detection for your site?

Intruder Alarms should be part of an overall security solution alongside other devices to add more protection to your premises. There are a number of detection devices available to further enhance your Intruder Alarm system.


Door and Window Contacts

Fitted to almost all types of doors or windows where unauthorized entry is a risk. Working in conjunction with the Intruder Alarm, the device will send a signal to the control panel once a door or window is opened.


Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors provide additional detection to the Intruder Alarm through the use of infrared sensors and microwaves.  There are Dual Tec sensors that use both infrared and microwaves, Standard PIR sensors use a passive infrared sensor and Sequential sensors that feature two nonoverlapping detectors in one device.


Panic Alarms

Single push panic alarms can be wall or desk mounted. These can be linked to sound the Intruder Alarm or be set to a silent alarm. Either way, the Panic Alarm will activate the Intruder Alarm once it is pushed and trigger the consequential action.


Glassbreak Detectors

Glassbreak detectors are usually found on the ceiling of a property. Due to microphones and Time of Arrival processing, the detector listens for the sound of breaking glass in a specified area. Other areas of the room will be ignored.


Vibration Detectors

These sensors detect movement from within the room, vibration detectors can be used on multiple objects such as doors or windows to vending machines and filing cabinets.

Do you have the right detection? Call us today on 0845 402 3045 or email us at for more information on Intruder Alarms, alternatively download our FREE intruder alarm guide.

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