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Back To School – Protecting Your Educational Establishment From Fire

According to local government figures on average, each year in the UK there are over 1500 fires in schools and other educational establishments and the Fire Protection Agency (FPA) reported that between 2009 and 2014, there was 119 large loss school fires, costing in excess of £150 million with an average cost of £1.3 million. Another shocking statistic from the local governments is that 40% of major school fires are deliberately set, showing arson to be a major issue amongst school fires.

Existing Education Buildings

Risk Assessments are mandatory in all educational premises this is to ensure your business has the correct and adequate fire safety measures in place to keep staff and students safe. It is equally as important to ensure the risk assessment is kept up to date and are carried out by a competent person.

See our Fire Risk Assessment blog for more information on how and why to carry out a fire risk assessment.

It is important to have procedures in place to reduce the likelihood of fire and if the unthinkable was to happen you need to be prepared. Regular fire drills help to increase the speed in which the building is evacuated as it helps staff and students to become familiar with the emergency evacuation procedures.

Fire alarms and detectors should be installed strategically around the premises and in line with your fire risk assessment. These devises along with other forms of fire protection systems, such as emergency lighting and fire doors,  should be kept maintained to ensure they are consistently in good working order and compliant to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

New school buildings should be built in line with the Building Bulletin 100

Benefits of sprinklers in School Buildings

Sprinklers help to enable the quick and safe evacuation of those affected, limit any damage to a localised area and control the fire, enabling the fire and rescue services to extinguish it. This means that the likelihood of a total loss of property and school resources is low, and therefore will mean that there is significantly less impact on the community utilising the school facilities.

The National Fire and Sprinkler Network stated that between 2010 and 2017, 17 schools benefited from sprinklers by reducing property damage. This shows that sprinklers undoubtedly reduce the damage that can be caused to a property on fire, and reduce the risk to life and therefore should be a mandatory requirement to all new build schools.

For more information about ensuring your educational building is protected from fire give us a call on 0845 402 3045 or email and one of your friendly sales team will be in touch!

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