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Back to School Security

School security and keeping your educational establishment safe for this academic year.

It’s almost that time of year again, the summer holidays have flown by. It’s time to get your school security sorted and prepared for when the pupils are back this September.

Last year (March 2018 ending), the Crime Survey for England and Wales estimated that approximately 1 in every 10 children were victims of a minimum of one crime in the past year.

Crimes should be reduced, however, crimes against or involving children should be prevented, even more so!

Balancing keeping intruders out, pupils in, and making sure the entire school can safely be evacuated in the event of a fire, are all imperative safety concerns. Therefore, make sure your school security is secure as possible this September when heading back this academic year! Additionally, there are endless amounts of extra uses for the security systems available!

Welcome back and welcome to the school

New pupils, new classroom, new staff members, new layout. Firstly, ensure that everyone’s well aware of all the security measures or policies with regards to your educational premises.

School smoking policy? 

Unruly students who think behind the sheds is a great place to smoke?… not when there’s a CCTV with thermal imaging cameras on the lookout! Furthermore, maybe your school has an issue with the cigarette disposal bins accidentally setting alight? School security is more than just protecting students from intruders.

Bullies will be beaten

Your duty of care. You may be short staffed, but with CCTV and monitoring, you can improve the school protective measures and the safeguarding of children. Bullying is a common occurrence in schools and places of education, however, every effort should be made to prevent it. So, beat the bullies and deter them with audio challenge CCTV.

Deter and evidence

Are your educational premies being targeted by unauthorised graffiti artists? Keep an eye on suspicious activity such as people loitering around school gates again deter and audio challenge them with CCTV with microphones and speakers installed. Furthermore, if there are any bags that have been left, in a place they shouldn’t, video analytics can pick up on it.

Visitors, intruders or Ofsted?

Visitor procedures. If you’re not expecting or maybe you are, how would your staff members be aware of whether or not there was an intruder or someone on site, that shouldn’t be. Visitor badges, signing in and reporting to the main office before heading to their required site. Prevent intruders with access control systems and electromagnetic doors. The entrance to the property doesn’t need constant maintenance with an access control system. Therefore, those who do have pre-authorised access will not have to contact a member of staff to be let in every time.

Pupil punctuality

Access control not only controls who has access to the educational premises, but key fobs or cards can help you to keep an eye on which students are leaving and when. Additionally, if a student gets expelled or a staff member leaves, there is no concern to change a lock as their particular card or fob can be made void. This can be particularly useful for the older students who are able to leave a site as and when necessary.

Teachers have eyes in the back of their head’s…

Are students not supposed to be in a particular area of the school grounds or somewhere that isn’t monitored by staff? With video motion detection, when the CCTV senses changes in a field of view, it can initiate a response. So, when a student or intruder is detected in the area, recording can be instigated or an intruder alarm activated.

Protection and collection

There may have been a mix-up with who has picked a student up. Facial recognition and Automatic number plate recognition can aid in finding out who it was or who can have access to the site’s car parks.

To keep your school security at the best it can be,
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